How to Use your SpoonTEK

A few TIPS to remember when using SpoonTEK

1) To use SpoonTEK, make sure your moist foods (yogurt, soup or ice cream) make contact with the small round silver electrode in the spoon bowl. 
2) SpoonTEK works as you are eating and the LED light shines only when you are taking a bite of food. That is how our unique technology works.
3) If your hand or finger is dry, put a little water on your finger when making contact with the silver electrode on the spoon handle. That will make your conductivity better for activating SpoonTEK.
4) Try SpoonTEK with a plain or low sugar yogurt. You should immediately notice there is very little or no sour, lingering after-taste. 
5) SpoonTEK works best with low sugar and low salt products in the yogurt, ice cream and soup categories. 
6) Wash SpoonTEK by hand with a mild soap and clean gently. Do not put SpoonTEK in the microwave or dishwasher.  

We are very excited that you are one of the first people to try SpoonTEK, the world's first eating utensil that can instantly heighten taste, enhance flavor and improve after-taste. Creating, developing and producing SpoonTEK was not easy.

However, the opportunity for us to impact taste and tongue sensory was a challenge we could not resist. Foods containing less sugar & salt are healthier for the body, but may not taste so good. Try SpoonTEK with a low sugar or low sodium yogurt, soup or ice cream. Also, SpoonTEK can instantly neutralize the pasty, sour after- taste that accompanies most yogurts and enhance the fruit flavor in most cases.

The taste test: Spoon vs SpoonTEK. Take your finger off the silver electrode on the handle and taste your food. Then put your finger back on the electrode and taste your food with SpoonTEK. It's the easiest and fastest way to taste the difference.

SpoonTEK has the ability to affect many other taste sensations, such as texture (smooth, creamy, thick), temperature (more hot, more cold), and, most noticeably, after-taste (less pasty, sour, bitter). Taste is subjective and everyone's SpoonTEK experience will uniquely influence their taste buds.

Bon Appetit!