Introducing SpoonTEK

SpoonTEK excites the taste buds for enhanced flavor, heightened taste and improved after-taste.


A Spoon that Elevates Taste

Elevate Taste

By using patented technology, food can taste better, smoother and creamier with SpoonTEK.

Great for Low Cal Foods

Enjoy the flavor of low cal foods that contain less sugar and less salt.

Improve Aftertaste

Enhance the flavor of foods and dramatically improve pasty, sour lingering aftertaste.

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How Does it Work?

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Customer Testimonials

“It’s almost like having two different yogurts. The yogurt tastes sweeter, like it tastes natural, like actual peaches."

Ellie B.

“Spoontek has made eating healthy, all natural yogurt so much more bearable. I’m tasting flavors and accents I’ve never had before.”

Rich W.

"I have to admit I didn’t expect the spoon to eliminate the aftertaste of anything I would eat, but it did!"

Gary C.

Taste and SpoonTEK - A match made in heaven!

SpoonTEK Works