About us


As we go through life, we experience so many things for the first time. But eating, that’s not an experience, it’s the first thing we did when we were born and what we do every day to survive. Taste plays a big role in our lives. What might taste salty to some, might taste sweet to others. Some love spicy and some love sour. Everyone is different. And for the first time, with NO chemicals added, SpoonTEK will give you another “first" experience of a lifetime. A relationship with your tongue that will make you say “wow” and “this is amazing”. With SpoonTEK, the possibilities are endless!

Meet the Founders

Cameron Davidov

Cameron Davidov is a New York City based entrepreneur with a passion for solving one of life’s unsolved mysteries...how to enhance taste and improve after-taste through an eating utensil. Along with his father, Ken, a lifelong product developer, Cameron is introducing his first product, SpoonTEK, to the world. After developing a handmade spoon prototype, and testing it with countless foods and yogurts, Cameron realized there was a novel way to heighten flavor, minimize after-taste and make food products with reduced sugar & sodium taste better. Introducing SpoonTEK, a mind-blowing technological innovation that will change the world of taste forever and will instantly give consumers a superior eating experience.

Ken Davidov

Ken Davidov has worked as a product developer, inventor and entrepreneur for over 35 years. Proficient in new product development, mass scale production, and importing, Ken is excited about the 1,000+ products he has already brought to market and his new emerging technologies, including SpoonTEK. Ken is passionate about design, technology, and building strong business and personal relationships to last a lifetime. He is a partner in four tech companies specializing in groundbreaking innovations focusing on the "electric" human body.